Logotipo de Catalizador.Social


In Catalizador.Social 3 initiatives converge that create spaces for infoactivism and knowledge sharing: ConCERVEZAtorio Catapulta.Social Altavoz.Social

“Altavoz.Social” is an infoactivism initiative that aims to act as a platform for freedom of expression for citizen action; The voices of those who seek to share their feelings resonate, from socio-affective, voluntary and civic participation for the promotion and defense of human rights.

Catapulta.Social is an initiative of Catalizador.Social that consists of creating a digital space for free expression; recognizes the work of women activists around the world through the dissemination of knowledge, experiences and good practices shared through digital resources

The ConCERVEZAtorio is a cyberspace for sharing knowledge between friends where various topics, experiences and learning are addressed in the process of the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights.

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